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Capacity & Equipment

CNC Turning:

Leadwell LTC-20P Turning Centre with 12 Tool Turrets. Up to 10” Dia. Chucking – Up to 2” Dia. Up to 24” Between Centres, 1 Metre Bar Feed.

HASS SL25 Twin Spindell Live Tooling and a HASS TL30

Leadwell T-7M Turning Centre with 12 Tool Turret and Live Tooling. Up to 255 mm Dia. Chucking – Up to 65mm Dia. Bar Feed – Up to 610 mm Between Centres 1metre Bar Feed.

Colchester Tornado 120M Twin Spindle CNC Turning Centre. Live Tooling 1 Metre Bar Feed.

11 additional CNC Turing Centres Featuring Live Tooling (12 Port Live Tooling) Bar Feed. Up to 5” Chucking and Collet. CNC Chucking Lathe Diameter 300mm x 500mm Long.

CNC Milling:

Leadwell V40 Vertical Machining Centre with 4th Axis Capacity (Work Area 1000mm x 600mm ).

Bridgeport APC 600/22 Machining Centre 4th Axis Capacity (Work Area 758mm x 370mm) 

7 addtional Bridgeport Vertical Machining Centres with 4th Axis Capacity (Work Area 581mm x 411mm).

Manual Machining:

Centre Lathe Turning up to 16” Dia. x 3’ Long.

Vertical & Horizontal Milling 32” x 12”.


Cylindrical Grinding 8” Dia. x 20” Long & 10” Dia. x 3’ Long.

Surface Grinding 18” x 6”.

Ring Grinding 12” Dia. x 6” High.

Centreless Grinding up to 1” Dia.

Internal Grinding 3.5” Dia. x 5” Long & 15” Dia. x 1’ Long up to 20” Dia Swing.

Bore Honing 0.045” – 3” Dia.


3 Axis Co-ordinate Measuring Machine in Temperature Controlled Environment.

Mitutoyo Roundness Testing Machine.

Baty 12” Shadowmaster Shadowgraph fitted with 2 Axis D.R.O.

5 Trimos Vertical Electronic Measuring Instrument Gauge Plus Accessories.

Screw and Thread Gauges /Metric and Imperial Slip Gauges.

Support Equipment:

HK Technologies Laser Etching Centre.

Senior Roll Stamp Machine

Solidworks & Autocad.

Feature Cam, One CNC (3D Machining and Turning)